Bolex 233 Compact S

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Bolex 233 Compact S

Year: 1972-1977

Lens: Vario 1,9 / 9 - 30 mm

Manual Zoom

Aerial Focusing

Auto Exposure (Not TTL)

Frame rates: 18 + single frame

+/- correction for auto

No sound

2 X 1,5V batteries + No separate battery for light meter

"Street price" in Germany in 1972: 478 DM (approx. 240 EUR) + 28 DM (approx. 14 EUR) for the optional pistol grip



Improved version of the Bolex 233 Compact. Camera is able to recognize Kodachrome 40, Ektachrome 64T (With no modifications or extra filters) and Ektachrome 160 film marketed by Kodak as part of their Existing Light (XL) cameras that appeared in 1971. Made by Eumig in Vienna.

Take a look at this camera in the "Kameramuseum Kurt Tauber"

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