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Prices in the Wiki

When taking a look at the prices for used devices, you should also take a look at the timestamps:

  • The prices for Single8-cameras dropped significantly in 2007-2009 after Fuji announced to axe its Fujichrome RT200N/R25N by 2010/2012. And the prices for Single8-cameras might decrease even further in the next years.
  • The prices for Super8-cameras dropped when Kodak axed the Kodachrome 40 in 2005 and dropped even more when Kodak axed the Ektachrome 100D by the end of 2012. At the end of 2018, a new Ektachrome 100D got introduced. However, due to its high price, it didn't have any effects on the prices (yet?).
  • Fuji's and Kodak's announcements also resulted in decreasing prices for splicers, editors, projectors... . However the loss in value is much lower than for cameras. And the prices for "top of the line"-projectors remained stable despite all those bad news. With the introduction of the new Ektachrome 100D in late 2018, it is expected that the prices will stay stable.
  • Some prices heavily depend on your location on this planet: E.g. cameras made in the USSR and Czechoslovakia are pretty common (=cheap) in the former Comecon-countries (including the now re-united Germany), while they're pretty rare (=expensive) in the USA and Canada. There are also some Italian or Japanese devices that are nearly unknown outside their countries of origin. Hence sometimes it's much cheaper to buy devices from a seller on another country or even continent than from one in your own country (despite the shipping costs).
  • Prices for anamorphic lenses and attachments increased drastically the last years (as most of them could also be used in combination with video-cameras and beamers).


Important update: The Super 8 Wiki now contains equipment and information about other formats (i.e. Single8, 16mm, ...) as well, so please check the equipments' categories twice before buying non-super8-devices by mistake.

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  • Repair Shops List of places that service cameras and other equipment
  • Repair - articles about fixing and improving movie cameras

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