Bolex 233 Compact

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Bolex 233 Compact

Year: 1970-1972

Lens: Vario 1,9 / 9 - 30 mm

Manual Zoom

Auto Exposure (Not TTL)

Frame rates: 18

+/- correction for auto

Weight: 490 g

No sound

2 X 1,5V batteries (No separate battery for light meter)


Small pocket camera. Modified version of the Eumig Mini 3 Zoom Reflex. Unlike the "Mini 3" it offers a manual focussing lens. By 1971 no further Bolex Super 8 cameras were made in Switzerland. Made in Vienna (Austria) by Eumig, which was the holder of the Bolex-trademark for Super8-cameras/projectors at that time.

Predecessor of the Bolex 233 Compact S


By "Rollef"[edit]

This is indeed a small camera, which belongs to the ”compact” or “pocket” class. The fact that it comes with a screw on pistol grip, makes it even smaller. It is more or less the same model as the Eumig Mini 3. Batteries are to be placed inside the film compartment, as with the Eumig mini 3 and Eumig Mini 5, and this solution makes the camera a little bit longer than other small cameras like the Canon 310 xl, but not as tall. The camera is very simple and the one I have got does not produce very good results. Then again it is not in pristine condition. As a pocket camera it does the job, but I would rather go for something like the Eumig Mini 5.

The camera does not accept E64t, but could possibly be modified. Within the camera, on the side with on of button, there is a pot.meter that most likely will change the asa setting. This is also available through the leatherette on the side of the camera. These cameras are easy to take apart as there are two screws underneath a leatherette on the side of the camera (film compartment door side). Unscrew these and the internals should be showing. There are a number of bigger screws that will disassemble the internals from the body provided that the film advancing mechanics have been taken out.

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