Bolex P4

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Bolex P4

Uses 25feet/7.5m spools of Standard/Regular/Double 8mm

Year: 1965-67

Lens: Berthiot 1,9/9-36 mm

Manual Zoom

Frame rates: 12,18,40 and single frame

Viewfinder: Reflex

Focussing: Coincident image rangefinder

Exposure Control: Automatic electric eye with manual override

Shutter: Fully closing variable shutter

Backwind: Limited backwind possible by small handle kept inside pistol grip

Weight: ??

Motor: Spring wound

No sound

Price(s) on eBay:

  • eBay Germany
    • EUR 5,50 (+ EUR 6,00 shipping) in 03/2007


Final 8mm model produced by Paillard Bolex before changeover to Super 8.


Solidly made Bolex automatic 8mm camera with an excellent viewfinder with coincident image rangefinder. Cheaper than the K2 but more expensive than the S1. Heavy by modern standards but the motor shared with the P1, P2, P3, K1, K2 and S1 is very reliable and long lasting. It's a shame these cameras were not converted to Super 8.

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