Bolex 625 XL

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Bolex 625 XL

Lens: Bolex Zoom 1,1 / 9 - 22,5 mm

Shutter degree: 220

Auto / Manual Zoom

Auto Exposure only with three pins for film speed settings

Daylight ASA 25,40,64,100

Artificial Light ASA 40,64,100,160

Depressing the Top Button down (next to filter key slot), moves internal Tungsten filter out of the light path.

Pin inside film chamber when depressed moves Tungsten filter out of the light path.

Frame rates: 9, 18

Backlight Control

No sound

4 X AA batteries

£ 1 boot sale (flea market North london UK) 9/2006

US$19 eBay 8/1999

Made in Japan for Bolex Int. S.A. Switzerland (on camera)


Comments by User:Gianni1:
Bought my 645XL without battery holder, replaced with a standard Maplins battery holder, works fine without modification: Maplin Part AAx4 57x30x27 PP3 clip HF29G.

Looks like it has two pin connector for starting / stopping a tape recorder... (can anybody else confirm this?)

Comments by User:Paul814: The 2 pin socket is intended to accept the Bolex battery chargers for 110-250V AC or 12V DC and and charge rechargeable AA batteries when fitted.

This is a handy compact silent camera made by Chinon for Bolex with a faster than usual F1.1 zoom lens. It has no macro so requires a supplementary lens for closeup work since the minimum focussing distance is 2 metres. Unusually for a simple late 70s super 8 camera it registers the Ektachrome 64T notch correctly.

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