Bolex 430

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Bolex 430

Year: 1975-1977

Lens: Bolex Vario 1,9 / 9 - 27 mm Fixed Focus Zoom

Auto / Manual Zoom

Manual / Auto Exposure

Over Under Exposure slide switch

Frame rates: 18, 24, 40 + single frame

Slow and Fast Fades

Remote control socket

Two Pole Socket (Possibly for a Power Connector or to Syncro Start a tape recorder?)

Flash contact

Red Tally Light on / off switch

Eyepiece Diopter Adjustment

Film Counter

Film Counter Reminder

Battery Checker

Powered by five 1.5V AA's in handgrip

Daylight Filter needs Key inserted on top to be removed

No sound

Bolex430 a.jpg Bolex430 b.jpg Bolex430 c.jpg



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