Bolex 350 Macro Compact

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Bolex 350 Macro Compact

Year: 1974-1977

Lens: Vario 1,9 / 8 - 40 mm

Auto / Manual Zoom

Aerial Focusing

Macro focusing

Auto Exposure

Frame rates: 9, 18, 24 + single frame

Shutter degree: 210

Backlight Control

No sound



Made by the Eumig factory, this camera shares the same mechanism and controls as the Eumig Mini 5 but has a different shaped body.


Like the similar Eumig Mini 5 this camera has a very good lens and is capable of excellent pictures. The original hand grip is detachable. This is useful for storage but the camera is awkward to hold for shooting without the grip. The camera has an aperture lock similar to the Eumig Mini 5 and a +1 stop backlight correction.

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