Bolex 280 Macrozoom

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Bolex 280 Macrozoom

Year: 1973-1974

Lens: Macrozoom 1,8 / 7 - 56 mm

Auto / Manual Zoom with 2 Speeds

Split Image Focusing

Macro focusing

Manual / Auto Exposure

Frame rates: 18, 24 + single frame

Shutter degree: 170

+/- correction for auto exposure

No sound


Heavy well-made camera made by Eumig in Vienna. These cameras are cheap to buy and working are superb value with an excellent 8:1 macrozoom lens. One word of warning - the power zoom is unreliable especially if unused for several years. The manual zooming control is by a large round knob on the side. This works by engagement of the power zoom drive and the plastic gears are prone to break if the internal zoom ring gear has got stuck. Once broken the camera becomes useless. The same applies to the Bolex 250 and probably the Eumig Viennette 5, Viennette 8, Bolex 430, 450 and 480.


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