Yashica Super-8 60 E (Electronic)

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Yashica Super-8 60 E (Electronic)

Year: 1968-71

Lens: Yashinon-DX El. Zoom 1,8 / 8 - 48 mm

Microprism Focusing

Auto Zoom

Frame rates: 12,18,24 + single frame

Auto Exposure

Backlight Control and Spotlight Control

+/- correction for auto

Remote control socket

No sound

4 X AA batteries + No separate battery for light meter

Made in Japan

Original price in England (in the year of introduction): £135

Recently paid in eBay net auction: $20 eBay 7/1999 $35 eBay 8/1999



The camera itself is labeled "Super-60 electronic".

If you have lost (or never got) the filter key (takes away the orange filter for indoor filming) put a dime in the slot and roll it towards the back of the camera. Filter removes. Roll it towards the front of the camera, filter in.

Redjohn Dec 2010

Just purchased one of these from Ebay, £2 plus postage, boxed but no manual or filter key. Just a chance minimum bid. However its in great condition except for a slightly intermitent aperture spot/back light control (plus or minus one f stop). I don`t know what to do about this at the moment.

Anyway it has a five step riser for sensing film speed plus a film chamber filter cartridge sensing pin. Power zoom with no manual control, three film speeds, battery test lamp and f numbers in the view finder.

It feels like it was machined out of a solid piece of steel, a real heavy weight, built to last for ever. I just need to fix that aperture control.