Thickness of films

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Filmstock Thickness unprocessed Thickness processed Base Source
Kodachrome 40 0.145mm 0.145mm Acetate
Kodachrome 25 0.145mm 0.145mm Acetate
Kodak VNF 0.150mm 0.150mm Acetate
Kodak Vision 200T 0.165mm  ? Acetate
Kodak Ektachrome 160  ? 0.130mm Acetate
Kodak Ektachrome 50D  ? 0.155mm Acetate
Kodak Ektachrome 100D  ?  ? Acetate Base material should be 0.13 mm as it was the same as the 35mm slide-film
Kodak MFX 0.075mm? 0.075mm? Polyester As the MFX-carts used to hold 100ft of film, it should be approx. half as thick as Kodak's acetate-based super8-films
Fujifilm F500T  ? 0.150mm Acetate
Fujifilm F400D  ? 0.150mm Acetate
Fujifilm Fujichrome RT200N  ? 0.100mm Polyester
Fujifilm Fujichrome R25N  ? 0.100mm Polyester
Fujifilm Fujichrome RT200  ? 0.100mm Polyester Should be as thick as the RT200N
Fujifilm Fujichrome R25  ? 0.100mm Polyester Should be as thick as the R25N
Fujifilm Provia 400X 0.150mm 0.150mm Acetate
Agfa-Gevaert Aviphot Chrome 200 PE1  ? 0.126mm Polyester
Fomapan R100  ?  ? Acetate (also available as polyester based on special order) Base material is 0.125 mm according to


  • Most acetate-based films seem to be approx. 0.150mm thick, while the polyester-based films are usually thinner
  • When a magnetic sound-stripe gets glued onto the film, then -in most cases- the film also becomes thicker.
  • The scales on most film-reels are only applicable for unstriped acetate-based film-stocks. Hence, some film-reels have two or even three scales (the second for striped acetate-based films and the third for unstriped polyester-based films), e.g. the ones made by Posso.
  • Some films have got an anti-halation-layer that gets removed during processing (see here). Hence, some of these films becomes thinner.
  • In the 1960s/70s, some labs (e.g. the ones owned by Agfa and Kodak) used to apply a special scratch-protection coating to the processed super8-/16mm-films. In most cases, this was some kind of wax that increased the thickness. This is sometimes still done for 35mm prints.
  • Some films are "stiffer" than other films. As a result, Super8-/Single8-cartridges might hold less film than theoretically possible.