Eumig 64 XL Macro Sound

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Eumig Makro-Sound-64-XL 1a.JPG
Eumig Makro-Sound-64-XL 1b.JPG
Eumig Makro-Sound-64-XL 1c.JPG
Eumig Makro-Sound-64-XL 1d.JPG

Eumig 64 XL Macro Sound

Lens: 1.2 / 7 - 45 mm, filter thread 77mm

Auto / Manual Zoom

TTL Dichroic Focusing

Macro focusing

Manual / Auto Exposure

Frame rates: 18, 24, + single frame

Shutter degree: 225

Backlight Control

+/- correction for auto


Built-in daylight filter

Batteries: 6 AA


May be same camera as Bell & Howell 1237XL, Eumig 65 XL and Beaulieu 1008